What is Live Casino?

About Live Casino

In a nutshell, a live casino is an online gaming experience where players can connect to real human dealers through a video feed. This allows for a more social and realistic gaming experience which can be enjoyed from the comfort of a player’s own home or on the go via a mobile device. This also removes the need for random number generators, ensuring that every game is 100% fair.

The games themselves can be streamed from land-based casinos or from a dedicated studio built to accommodate the gamer. The dealer will then use real casino equipment to make the bets, such as a shoe of cards for blackjack or a roulette wheel for baccarat. The player will then use a digital interface to communicate the action they’d like to take in a game, such as betting on which hand they think will win in blackjack or how much they’d like to risk on a roulette spin.

This will then be recorded for later playback. Players can chat to the dealer and other players using a dedicated live chat feature. This brings a sense of community to the experience and can be a lot more fun than just playing a mind-numbing internet game alone on your computer. Live Casino is perfect for those who want to get a taste of the Las Vegas vibe without travelling all the way there, or simply prefer the feel of a real table game against an actual person rather than just numbers and images on a screen.