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The world of online gambling offers a thrilling range of games, with players able to enjoy their favorite slots, table games and more without ever needing to set foot inside a bricks and mortar casino. However, some players prefer to take things a step further and opt for the experience of playing live dealer games. This gives them a heart pumping and authentic feel as they can interact with real people and see the action unfold in real time.

In order to play a live dealer game, a player will need to have a stable internet connection. The player is then able to click on the game of their choice and place bets via the digital interface. As the dealer plays the game, the outcome is decided by the real casino equipment, whether this be a shoe of cards in blackjack or the roulette wheel in baccarat.

Live casinos typically offer a large range of live dealer games for players to choose from. These vary from site to site, with some offering special side bets and variations of popular games like roulette and blackjack. One example is Infinite blackjack, which allows players to use the same starting hand but are able to play it in a variety of ways against the dealer.

The live casino experience is offered by a number of top online casinos. The games are powered by leading technology providers, and all offer fantastic sign up bonuses. The process of signing up is quick, easy and secure, with the only requirement being that the player has a stable internet connection.